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Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2010 - part 1

I like to keep this list small and manageable:

All car repairs shall be documented on an Excel report. When a shop calls to say "you need new tires, brakes, coolant, powerflow air filter" and whatever other crap they dream up I shall check my trusty history to see if:
A. It's been done in the past year
B. Use rational judgement and research as to if it really needs done again so soon
C. Refuse treatment of car until all options are carefully reviewed with husband.

I'm tired of feeling like I've been screwed by the auto repair guy who wants to stay in business by looking for everything wrong with my car!!! And I vow to do this detailed reporting on vehicles owned for the rest of my life. I will be the little old lady shaking her fist at the auto repair man in my 80's.

Two part goal:
Agree with husband on a weekly night(s) where I will come home from work at 5pm so that husband can:
A. work on projects
B. clean the garage and getting rid of all unnecessary junk (including scooter)

THREEControl spending

Professional - get certified in Microsoft programs and project management

Get to level 15 on Tetris on my iPod.

PS. in 2009 I made 3 resolutions and only kept 2, I was late every day for work, every single day. Not even sure why I made this a goal in the first place since I didn't even try to keep it. The above are important and will be maintained.


Jeanne Estridge said...

Are you going for your PMP certification?

R. Molder said...

I thought about it, been project managing for 10 years now, might as well get certified. Any advice?

crazywildberry said...

Totally chuckled at the thought of you as an 80 year old, clutching car papers in hand yelling at the young man who so happens to be working on your car that day and so is sneakily trying to rip you off. Hope we always stay in touch. I want to be there to witness the display! :D