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Thursday, December 31, 2009

This year cannot end fast enough

So over the previous weekend I had the trunk lock drilled out, the air conditioner button fell off and several months ago the rear window got stuck one inch down and refused to work. I dropped off the car at the mechanic's and said it's falling apart, please fix it. Doomsday words because he called an hour later to say the front tires are threadbare and the front brakes are paper thin - total cost, just under $1,000.

Grimly I agree to do all the work, kicking myself for not keeping better records because I know I bought a new set of tires in '06, is 3 years really enough time to go through a set of tires? Even upon coming home to search paperwork I can't find those tires to see if I have any kind of warranty on them. Also must have failed to rotate the tires over the past 3 years because the back tires are fine. Bloody hell.

Monday baby got seriously ill with a cold, refused food and slept the entire day.

Tuesday she felt better and played in her room in the morning.

Wednesday baby could not walk, we set her down after a bottle and she collapsed at 8am. Shock, horror don't begin to describe the day until we finally land at the doctor's office at 11am. First we watch the doctor yell at her children on the phone, and not just yell, do the repetitive "kids you need to settle down, I'm here to take care of sick children", her kids didn't care. I don't know why adults try to reason with children.

This was not my daughter's regular Pediatrician. She finally blows into the room, hair askew and sits to listen to our daughter's problems. She thinks it might be Toxic Synovitis which is a virus in the hip or joints affecting one leg and last about a week, can start with a cold. She was kinda wishy washy about this and non-conclusive. I'm used to baby's regular Pediatrician who takes command and tells us exactly what to do. She's authoritative and calming at the same time. This woman made me want to panic and run to the nearest emergency room.

We came home, baby went to sleep, I went to work for 1/2 a day to ship boxes for the Hong Kong toy fair, when I came home Husband said she had walked a little and he got her to eat more. Call was put into her regular doctor for more information and calls to grandparents for prayers and support.

Thursday (today) we get up and baby's considerably more cheerful, she drinks 2/3 of her bottle without gagging, walks a bit and plays in her bedroom. Her doctor finally calls back, explains the virus in better terms so I understand and tells us to give her 3 doses per day of Motrin and bring her in by Saturday if she's still having trouble walking. See, she tells me exactly what to do, I like that!

We go to get my car, pay just under $1,000 and as I prepare to exit the car lot, I test back window, yeah it works, front tires look nice, front window is down (why do car guys always leave the front window down?) I press the button to make it zoom back up, hear a large crash, clicking sound - MY FRONT WINDOW IS BROKEN!!! Have you ever picked up a fixed car only to have it break before leaving??? It's New Year's Eve, parts need to be ordered so we are home for the next 4 days sharing 2nd vehicle with Husband, who works Saturday and Sunday. I am so angry at this stupid car that I immediately want to trade it in for a more reliable vehicle. $250 per window breakage which is "common" in this idiot car. Grrrrrrrr.

And I got a bad cold, on top of pregnancy so I feel like the walking dead. I'm going back to bed and staying there. Nothing can break if I'm safely in bed. As for baby, thank God her daddy is home today and tomorrow. Hopefully I'll perk up before Saturday so we can have a fun weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I hope 2010 is off to a better start.

Car troubles and sick kids are enough to make anyone grumpy.