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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday - spend no money

My favorite games growing up were LIFE and MONOPOLY. I'd play LIFE with my 3 brothers and the first step was to get the highest paying job to be able to:
A. Get rich
B. Pay for any calamities along the way

Mid game you got to land on children and they brought big bucks, especially the Twins. Well on January 4th we got the news that we are having TWINS, the same day we dropped our car off for some minor adjustments and ended up paying $1,300 after they held it captive for two weeks!

Yesterday we dropped the truck off for an oil change and it needs an estimated $1000 of fixings. YESH! So I'm now wondering if the next roll of the dice could kindly bring me some of those high pay offs like $20,000 for "Lucky Day" or you found Oil, collect 50K. That would be nice.

Until that happens, enjoy this photo of Charlotte singing into a cup. It has kept her busy as I wax on about my life.

Regardless of these financial failings, we are still incredibly thankful for all the wonderful things we are blessed with - nice beds, clean laundry, dogs/cats well fed and happy, all humans in home well fed and happy, working plumbing, snacks, working computer and internet, variety of shoes to wear, truck still working even though I dare not drive more then 5 miles, happy healthy grandparents for Charlotte, I could go on and on. Just want to make it clear that even with financial bummers, we still love our lives and are thankful for all our blessings.

1 comment:

crazywildberry said...

Don't forget another blessing: Friends. Friends that see us through thick and thin for years and year. That's you for me and (I hope you see it that way too) me for you. Love you, girl!