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Saturday, January 09, 2010

I used to love traveling but this was a hard trip

I was just getting over a bad cold and more tired then I've ever been in my life with the twin pregnancy. Until I stepped on the plane I kept thinking I need to bail on this trip, but my boss is out of town and I'm going to need his support when he gets back. I don't have a good reason for bailing, doctor said I could go, then I talked to my mom and she cheerfully said this was a good sign that I'm not supposed to sit on my butt for this entire pregnancy. Moms - they really know how to put things in perspective right?

But the trip was every bit as bad as imagined. I lost 15 minutes going the wrong way from LAX airport, I could not find the 134 East when I was leaving Burbank, I had to go the opposite way, take the next exit to actually backtrack and go the right way. I missed a turn arriving into Pasadena and arrived exactly on time for the meeting. All this while consulting my iPhone for directions. My nerves were a mess. At the end of the day I went straight back to the car rental, called a cab to the hotel, ordered room service and went to bed.

I much prefer travel in cities with public transportation or co-workers who can drive because I really excel at getting lost!


Anonymous said...

Hope it gets easier.

I hate driving in unfamiliar cities too.

crazywildberry said...

I love my GPS. BTW, it's all set up for my next trip down to your place. For the just-in-case I hit the big money somehow. LOL!