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Monday, January 04, 2010

2008-09 Financial Crisis and how it affected our family

In 2008 the financial crisis began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers on September 15, but we didn’t really feel the effects until 2009.  That is the year where reduced work hours became the norm in business.  All non-management staff at the company I worked at had reduced hours and I lived the entire year with the threat hanging over my head that my hours/salary could be reduced at a moment notice. 

We had our first baby in June 2008, so all of 2009 was spent crunching numbers to afford her needs along with the constant fear of losing pay at work. 

2009 became my year to dig deep into our finances, drive less, and cook more home made meals.  Yet, somehow despite our best efforts, I still managed to lose a bunch of money on our red car due to a mechanic who took us for a ride.  Regardless of all the challenges, we had enough ray of hope in our future to get pregnant again! 

2010 we seek a balance of God's will for our finances and balancing our own desires.  

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