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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Saturday - without car

On my 3rd day of sickness I'm home all day without a car and it's just as well. Today was cold, in a way a thinned blooded person from Florida can appreciate. We bundled up in layers and walked the dog to the mailbox which was rewarding because several late Christmas cards were received.

Baby is not completely better but she is now walking which is a relief on many levels. We spent the morning watching cartoons and took a nap by 10am.

The early afternoon was spent doing a bit of house work as she puttered behind me trying to swipe the broom from my hands - I really need to get her a child sized broom. As a reward for not driving me too crazy in my 30 minute cleaning binge I took her outside for a bit of play time, most of which I spent huddled in a chair on the porch bidding 20 minutes to go by so we could go back inside.

At 2pm she had her lunch and then we settled for a 3 hour nap! Glory. I'm not someone who can sleep in the middle of the day, usually too high energy but the combination of cold and pregnancy have knocked me off my feet.

We then had 1.5 hours to go until husband got home and somehow they were the longest part of the day. No energy from me, baby girl wanted cuddled then wanted down, then wanted to play, I honestly couldn't keep up. When husband came home I waited till he got settled with her and then took a long bath with a glass of Perrier, Key Lime Pie and a favorite book "Brilliant" by Marne Kellogg Davis. Lovely. Now I'm off to bed.

1 comment:

crazywildberry said...

trust me, I've been there. Done that. It's hard when a pregnancy has you that knocked out and yet you have to keep going. How have you been feeling lately?