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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Almost 1

Can you believe it??? Charlotte turns 1 on Friday. My in-laws arrived today so when I got home from work the baby was entranced with them, she didn't even come to me for a hug. Sob! Such betrayal.

My MIL gave her the night bottle, got her dressed for bed, rocked her to sleep and now they are off to the hotel. I want to wake Charlotte back up and cuddle her but I won't. Miss my baby!!!

Here's a fun photo from last night. I put her in the high chair while I made dinner and she was really good for an entire 1/2 hour shredding a corn muffin. It left quite a mess but was well worth it for the entertainment value!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh - Happy Birthday!

It's it amazing how fast the time goes?

She sure is a cutie pie.

Greasycog said...

I'm just glad I didn't have to do the clean-up. Not looking forward to the cake clean-up, though. Glad that both mothers can do it!

Grit said...

happy, happy birthday for friday! to all the family!