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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 year check up

weight 17.75 lbs
length 30"
not quite walking but took 3 steps yesterday
no teeth

The discussion centered on food, as that is our most challenging issue these days. We've tried for 6 months to introduce foods and work out 3 solid meals a day but she strongly prefers 5 six ounce bottles.

My attempts at feeding solids usually result in about 5-6 bites followed by this:

Or this:


crazywildberry said...

I think Charlotte is a little on the light side, but her finicky eating might just be a stage. She will eventually figure out this eating thing. And after that, the weight and her appetite will increase dramatically. Also, don't worry about those teeth, Danielle didn't have any until she was one.

Grit said...

so this might be messy, and you are welcome to just say NO like i have offered you crack cocaine, but what about putting little scoops of colourful foods directly in front of her, then showing her how you eat with fingers? dipping fingers direct into those delightful mounds is a lovely feeling experience and better still she's in control of making shapes and patterns.

because we have no dignity round here i would then put soft cream cheese on the end of my nose and try and lick it off, because life should be fun. (and it is more emotionally rewarding for you than watching your adorable child scream her lungs out at the spoon of doom.) or you can say NO WAY and shoot me now. x

Anonymous said...

She is bright, developmentally advanced, and generally happy... AND voices when she is less than pleased. All signs of a healthy albeit petite baby. Abby was the same way... she was an avid breast milk junkie... and refused all things baby food until she was old enough for finger foods. Lots of babies prefer to be holding all the control cards... and food is one of the only areas in which she has total control.

She's one now... so hand her a fist full of cheerios, some teensy cubes of cheese and see what happens. Oh, and a nice messy glop of pudding on her tray will work too. This is her messy phase. (take heart, this phase only lasts 12 years or so :P)

Its far too easy to try to find avenues in which to doubt yourself as a mommy. Don't go there. You are an awesome woman, wife, friend and stellar Mommy.


R. Molder said...

I really appreciate all the advise and plan to try all of as soon as I get back to FL!