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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I grew up attending a small Christian church, conservative, strict dress code - long dresses/skirts for women, women don't cut their hair or wear jewelry. Most of the girls I grew up with stay at home and have 3+ kids. I couldn't be more different with my short curly hair, world traveling, career in FL, short sleeve shirt (at least it has sleeves) and one wild baby who has never sat through a church service.

Yet I was optimistic. During the song service she jumped on my lap and entertained the ladies behind me, during the offering she sang along with organ. She crowd surfed over to my mom, aunt and back to me. I worried how loud she would be during the preaching but just as he started her diaper fell off - that's right, she jumped so hard her diaper fell off! Fortunately her dress was long enough that she didn't moon the pastor.

I don't know how those other mom's keep their children so quiet and settled but at least mine had the cutest dress!


crazywildberry said...

My second child is very high energy too. She hasn't sat through many worship services either. I think it sounds like Charlotte did just fine. I visit home occasionally too and see families from my parent's faith (only the other families are from a more conservative church than my folks are) at my mother's workplace (bookstore). The kids are quiet and well-mannered. Sometimes, though, I wonder, is it really healthy for a child to not want to run and play? I don't know what they do to get them to stand and sit still either.

I am sure that Charlotte was the cutest dressed little girl there.

R. Molder said...

If I recall correctly, there was a scary mom who had the power to withhold treats and that might have been enough motivation to behave when I was a kid - not sure how they get the babies to stay settled though!