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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm feeling rather smug

I wore baby out and she's taking a long nap!!! 2 hours and counting

Packed baby up by 9am for the beach. We made it to quarter parking by 9:30 with Starbucks in hand (I'm a proper preppy mom - you can snicker hard at that one) and got the last parking spot.

We inadvertently set up shop right next to a sea turtle nest - that explains the circle of caution tape. As baby played, I was treated to a speech from the very angry sea turtle conservator to his gang of volunteers. Apparently he was quite upset with Broward county's careless attention to the sea turtles, such as putting up such a low flimsy boarder that people would walk right through the middle "look at the foot steps" he screamed, "people are walking over turtle eggs!" After they all left, I did notice a very little sign at the back of the circle announcing the turtles along with a warning of a fine if disturbed. Hmmmm, perhaps this would be more appropriately placed at the FRONT!

On with fun baby beach photos - I know this is featured frequently but I just can't seem to stop! I love taking photos of baby on the beach.

One of my favorite photos is the profile shot.

I take a hundred photos (I'm not kidding) just to get a few cute happy faces, she spends much of her time looking so serious at all the things in the sand so I work hard for these shots.

She always find a cool shell to inspect.

And I can usually get a really silly face as she makes a grab for the camera.

After our little photo shoot, I took Charlotte for a swim in the ocean - for the first time! It's finally warm enough, no sea lice, no jelly fish, no man-o-war, etc. It was awesome.

Also, for the first time in our year of beach visits, Charlotte did not fall face first into the sand. Hurray!

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