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Friday, June 19, 2009

1 year old

She turned one year old today!

Naturally we went to the beach.

And gave her presents.

And fed her a chocolate cupcake, which she ate one curl at a time

but a baby can only be delicate for so long!

Then after her bath it was 7pm and we took her outside for some final photos in her 2nd birthday outfit.

My husband and I have had a wonderful year with Charlotte. Personally I've enjoyed sharing my life on this blog and I've deeply appreciated the feedback received from blogger friends Grit's Day, CeCe Says, Interstitial Life, Crazy Wild Berry and occasionally Potty Mummy and Suburban Turmoil. Comments on bad days cheer me up considerably and comments on good days cheer me on with a nice pat on the back. Your support has been unmeasurable appreciated and well needed.

When I first got pregnant, I wasn't sure what kind of mom I would be, I didn't particularly like kids, didn't get excited about babies, wasn't sure how I would feel about my own child - sorry if that sounds astonishingly off-putting - but I really didn't know! I'm glad to say I've loved every minute of it and now I love to read and hear about other peoples stories about their children. It's true, children open your heart in ways unknown.

Lovely first year, can't wait to see what happens in Charlotte 1.0


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte! I ordered you a present!

Rachel... Happy Birthday to you, as well. Each child gives birth to a Mommy. And you have done an amazing job. I am proud to know you! Hugs!

Grit said...

glad your day's been good! here's looking forward to year 2!

Potty Mummy said...

In Holland they congratulate the parents as well as the child on a birthday. So, congratulations to you! (What? I'm married to a Dutchman. Isn't that the point of experiencing other cultures - borrowing what suits...?)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

It's different when they belong to you isn't?

She's so cute.

crazywildberry said...

Dearest Rachel,

It's been a busy year for me as you can imagine with three children all 5 and under. So, sorry I have missed posting on your blogs although I do stop by now and then to read. Just don't have the time to post...

I want to say that I think that you have done an outstanding job with Charlotte. She is beautiful and seems like you and hubby keep her well grounded. I didn't know what kind of mom you would be either, but I am amazed and proud of you!

Congratulations on making through the tough first year. Each year gets easier as they become more and more independent. However, I am warned that at 10, I should head for the hills! LOL!

I can not wait to meet her and to see you again. It's been way, way too long. March of 2006? Wow! Please come north and SOON!

crazywildberry said...

By the way, you are looking great! Motherhood becomes you!