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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to make a GREAT impression

I’ve been traveling with my boss for years and I hadn’t realized how much I simply followed along without utilizing any brainpower at all for simple tasks like driving to a destination, going to the restrooms – he’d enter men’s so I’d go opposite and enter women’s, finding a good restaurant, etc.

This year I’m on my own and it’s creating challenges I just wouldn’t have expected after years of visiting these same clients.

In my recent trip to LA I was so pleased with myself for driving from LA to Pasadena without getting lost that I promptly walked right into the men’s room upon arrival!

First allow me to explain that it’s in a wide open hallway where both men and women’s are quite clearly marked, why I entered the men’s room is beyond my comprehension.

Second, it is the ONLY restroom for the entire building meaning that every guy that I might potential encounter THAT day could have been in there!

Thankfully I was only presented with a person behind a stall door who’s trousers were around their feet and I thought “well that’s rather manly”, then I encountered the urinals and my brain started screaming “NO NO NO, MEN’S ROOM, MEN’S ROOM, RUN!!!!”  I tried as quietly as possible to back out of the room with hopes that no one would be walking down the very wide hallway and recognize me while quickly dashing into the women’s restroom.

When I’m embarrassed I laugh ALOT so I was quite cheerful that day, laughing at how much worse it could have been!

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