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Sunday, February 03, 2013

London ~ my 4th and possibly last "free" trip

England is a coming home of sorts for me, my mom's father's family is from here so I've had a huge affinity for this place for a very long time.  Plus anywhere you can speak the language and be clearly understood is extremely comforting.

Alas, I fear this might be my last "free" trip to England.  My client has moved development to the states and this is to become a buying office only.  Not much reason to come back.  So I told myself to chin up and seek out every last ounce of fun from this trip.

Nothing will deter me from enjoying this trip, not even a red eye flight!  Meaning I flew economy overnight, slept roughly 7 hours on a plane, got here are 9:30am and still determined to see the city.

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