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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Day ~ Beach & Park

We love New Years Day at the beach, it represents a fresh start to the year with slightly cooler weather, wind in our hair and just enough sun to give us bright pink cheeks. 

Hard to believe they were adamant about NOT wanting to go to the beach in the morning.  We knew they'd change their minds.

After the beach they all  promptly fell asleep in the van.  We covertly planned a special park for the second half of the day by driving home to pack a picnic lunch and then onto the park.  Amazingly they slept for almost 90 minutes waking just as we entered the park!

What a day!  The two older kids played in the park fort with dad while I took a nice long walk with Violette.  Then we all rode the carousel followed by a take out dinner from Bone Fish Grill.  A rather lovely ending to a perfect day.

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