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Monday, January 28, 2013

Condo Tales ~ Gate Etiquette

I live in a gated community.  We have two options to get through the gate:

  1. Clicker - drive up to gate, click and it opens
  2. Card - stop at call box located very far from the gate (so far in fact that delivery guys regularly get confused), wave card in front of call box, wait for gate to open

Option 2 is in my truck, which I use every day for work.  It's incredibly annoying, but not quite enough to pay 50 bucks for a clicker.

Clickers are rude drivers who butt in front of you and take your place because once they drive up to the gate you have to wait for the entire cycle of gate to go up and down before the call box will even accept acknowledgement of your card.  The gate only allows one car through at a time unless you drive really fast up on someone's bumper and tail gate in and that's just downright nasty.

I honk at anyone who appears ready to pass me as if to say "don't even think about it, I'm next"!  But sometimes that's not enough so tonight, I hit the gas, squealed my tires and sailed past the potential perpetrator flying through the open gate.

Don't mess with the big red truck!

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