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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dieting + Airport Food = Disaster

Have you noticed?  My Homemade tab has been silent since December.  That’s because I’ve stopped baking.

Baby is nine months meaning I’ve reached my limit for breast feeding; before you get all judgy on me, rest assured it’s her idea too because I’m not producing enough and she’s happier with a full bottle.   Now it’s time to get my body back because I have a full year of travel ahead and I need to fit into my business wardrobe!

This means absolutely NO more muffins until I can fit into my pants – sob!

I have a nice dinner dress that I want to fit into in two weeks and right now the buttons kinda bulge outward and I really hate it when that happens.

The Diet:
Monday, January 21st began with a healthy veggie scrambled egg mix for breakfast, boring plain tuna with carrots and hummus for lunch and something equally boring without any carbs for dinner.

Tuesday – went the same way until mid-afternoon when I forgot a snack and after 36 hours of no carbs felt myself getting extremely upset about some work issues.  I was kind enough to warn everyone that I was on a diet and that mood swings were eminent.

Wednesday – mood stabilized, body realized it was not getting carbs even though husband ate 3 muffins right in front of me!  My wonderful applesauce muffins – while I shoveled in more eggs.

Thursday – trip to LA, enter wreaking ball.  I planned so well for the morning, plain yogurt with strawberries before leaving, latte on the way to airport, on the plane I had a Starbucks tray of cheese and fruit exactly four hours after breakfast, right before landing I ate a small container of almonds and dried fruit but it didn’t help, I was HUNGRY!  Panicked at the thought of driving (see below post) while hungry I settled for the only thing I could find – Chili’s.

Oh how I hate Chili’s and their terribly over salted food.  Seriously, it’s like they dump an entire salt shaker in every dish.  And what is the deal with the lite menu having everything under 700 calories!  700!!  That’s more then half the day’s allowance for one meal!  So I cheated and had a Sante Fe wrap with chicken, pico de gaou and avocado.  At least the real food avocado cheered me up.  Yes I could have had a salad but I’m a complicated dieter and I really hate salad. 

If you have any advise on how to eat sensibly in airports, PLEASE share!  

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