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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gearing up for 2013 Travel!

Baby is 9 months old so it's time for mama to hit the road!  Or air - because I fly quite a bit.  Next week I start my travel year by visiting three major cities in three weeks, bam bam bam!  First LA, then London, followed by New York.  Each trip is strategically set for 2-3 days max so as to not overly burden dear husband, who will be home with three small children.  

My tips for short travel are:
  • Two bags, one with four wheels to fit in overhead compartment (4 wheels are so much easier to navigate through airports), the second straps to the wheeled bag and serves as a laptop bag with small purse consolidated inside.
  • To get through security faster, I place my quart size toiletry bag inside the laptop bag so I can pull that out along with laptop.  I love the quart size bag rule, because it forces me to consolidate toiletries and pack light.
  • Since purse is consolidated inside the laptop bag, I wear a passport holder around my neck to hold drivers license and one credit card.  This also serves to hold airline tickets so I don't need to fuss with a purse at all.
  • My phone fits in the outer compartment of laptop bag.
And here is the lovely ensemble:

I'd love to hear your quick travel tips!  

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