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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Toy World NEEDS a Disney Princess Train

The December holiday season for parents is intense!  Finding the perfect toy, listening to the endless clues our children leave for us, culminating in that special day when gifts are unwrapped to shrieks and cheers. 

My oldest daughter is 4, and she's obsessed with all things related to Disney Princesses.  She specifically requested a "Cinderella castle with pink heart door".  We have no idea where she got this description but thankfully Mattel has a keen understanding of what little girls love.  Introducing the amazing Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Celebration Castle.    

I think the castle is fabulous.  My only complaint is the itty bitty tiny pieces!  Our 9 month old is starting to crawl and those little pieces will be held in quarantine to be checked out when oldest wants to play with her castle.  It would be nice if the set came with a small pink glittery bag to hold all the tiny pieces.  Other than this small critique I think the castle is just fantastic and daughter seems to agree when she’s not eyeballing her brothers “big” toy.

My 2 year old son loves Shaun the Sheep and Mega Blocks but we decided to steer him towards trains to give him an interest that would carry him longer term and make it easier for people to buy him gifts.  He received several trains by Thomas the Train along with a Carry Case Playmat that holds the track and trains.  

As a parent, I LOVE this concept.  I can teach him to put away his trains and track set every day and it keeps the pieces from getting scattered into other random places.  It sits beside his bedside and every morning he brings it out to the coffee table to play.  He has gotten more play value out of this train set than daughter has gotten out of her castle.

The castle is gorgeous, but there are only so many times one can dress the doll and move the pieces around.  The railroad by contrast has more potential for play with the moving trains and different track combinations.  Everyday the 4 year old joins in the train fun so this toy has become a "shared" toy.  It has me wishing I could get a Disney Princess girl train set for the 4 year old.  

If you are listening Disney, please assign a Princess license to a toy company that makes trains!  Never mind the fact that trains do not appear in the Princess world, the toy world needs a Princess train.  

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