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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Random Tuesday

First week back to work, which means I'm cognizant of the weekdays and actually able to acknowledge today is Tuesday and time for Random Tuesday update VS the past month when I couldn't distinguish between days of the week; having a newborn at home will do that to you.

Back to work so soon you ask?  It really just involves sitting on my bed and reading 1000 emails in total seclusion, away from screaming kids and receiving regular visits from Violette to be fed.  I think I'll enjoy this as long as it can last.  Will have to re-enter the office eventually.

Meanwhile, here are my random updates:

Facebook - I don't like to delete people unless they refuse to participate at all.  I mean what's the point of having an account if you are never ever going to provide a single update?  I delete those who do not participate.

I will NOT delete you for writing lame updates - BUT - I will unsubscribe if you write that you like to eat your boogers. 

True story!  I follow a teenager who friended me, because we grew up in the same church I guess so share a ton of contacts and you know those teens today want 100's of friends.  Anyway, I had unsubscribed because I got tired of teenage crap and recently decided I couldn't remember why I had unsubscribed.  Well now I remember, thanks teen, for the helpful reminder.

I will unsubscribe if 100% of your updates are about sports.

I wonder if anyone has unsubscribed from my updates?  Probably, but I'm okay with that.

May Day - Did you know it's basically a holiday around the world?  I know our Asia offices get the day off, and recall when I was a kid something about swinging around a May Day pole with flowers and such.  Guess I need to do my research on this, then again I'd just rather have the day off!

Violette - 4 weeks old today!

Have a great Random Tuesday!


Gina said...

Love your Random Tuesdays. I know I don't post on here like I should, but I should at least check in on Tuesdays. The funny stuff happens to you all. And, I have some strict policies about FB too. If you write crappy statuses, I delete. Especially if we have never been friends or lost contact for 20 years and FB reminded me of you. I just don't see the purpose in unsubscribing. If I don't want to read about you, I probably won't miss you if I just delete you altogether. Haha! Also, I never friend people I haven't met before unless we have had some sort of contact through a mutual friend and I think I would like you if we did meet. I am very careful about friending people or adding apps, etc.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwwwww! Violette is SO stinkin' ADORABLE!!

I've been lazy with my status updates on FB, just adding a blog post link update. I really should think of something witty to put on there every so often...of course it would never be about boogers. ;) I do unfriend people who arbitrarily add me to groups I have no interest in being part of (thereby flooding my email with crap). :)

Thanks for randoming up with me! :)

May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

VandyJ said...

Such a cutie!
I'm not the best Facebook updater. I find it hard to find things to post there. I think that's why I don't Twitter either.

rubberbacon said...

Hi Vandy! But I'm sure you comment on other peoples status - right? I'm referring to people who join and never participate in anything!

rubberbacon said...

Hi Stacy! Thanks!!!

I don't think I've been added to a group on Facebook, good thing b/c that sounds annoying! Hope you are well!!

rubberbacon said...

Hi Gina,

I'm excited about your marathon, good luck and let me know how it goes!!

Harriet B said...

I had a head of hair like that when I was a baby. She's a cutie!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Susan DiMickele said...

Wow. I just can't believe she's 4 weeks old. I want another baby!!! (Not going to happen in my house....)

Josie said...

Wow check out that head of hair!