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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Crying with Compassion Bloggers

How many times have you heard an advertisement to pay a monthly fee to support a poor child internationally?  The ads are always sad children, the announcer talks about the child's life and tells us how bad things are in the region.  It's easy to turn off the emotions by simply saying, I don't know where the money goes, what if it's all just a big scam?

Well Compassion goes beyond the initial ads.  They take bloggers on trips into regions where Compassion serves real communities.  The bloggers then write about their experiences with meeting children who are sponsored and in many cases kids who are not sponsored.  Over at a blog named "Mini vans are hot" (cute title!)  I read of a family with 9 children, only 2 are sponsored.  This means 2 children get food, education and a chance at a better life.  We get to clearly see how a small monthly fee makes a huge impact in the lives of these poor children.

I've sponsored 4 children over the years and I don't miss the money.  With each child I've found a way to fit them into our budget and I'm thrilled to be making a difference in their lives.

Compassion bloggers are currently in Tanzania for the week.  You can read their stories here.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I've been reading a few of the blogs from this trip...amazing work and amazing pictures and stories being shared.