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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A difficult week

It's a struggle to get back on my feet after pregnancy.  Literally!

I had a minor procedure done on my feet this past Tuesday that's put me in crutches for a few days.  It's finally better enough to walk and get house work done.  In fact I even went to church today with the family and my feet feel fine. 

It's a struggle to be back in bed all week and get nothing done around the house.  To feel bad that husband is doing everything.

It's a pleasure to work from home an extra week.  I was only in the office one full day before the procedure.

It's been a hard week to deal with on other levels, still trying to get enough sleep at night.  Baby still wants held all night. I had one night where I didn't get to sleep until 2am!  Seriously, I laid there for 3 hours before realizing I felt squished in bed with baby and husband so I left and slept in the living room.  It felt good to stretch out and sleep in a quiet room.

We had an accident with one of our children in which no one was hurt, but the panic and horror of what could have happened is hard to shake.  Everyone is fine, we are so thankful to God for his protection and grace. 

In spite of this hard week, we are so thankful to have our health and each other.  All five of us are doing fine, no sickness, no injuries.  We are so blessed.  We will be okay.


Amanda said...

Hoping you get a great night sleep soon...and being in bed may have sucked, but the extra week at home was hopefully nice.

rubberbacon said...

It was very nice, thank you! But I'm so impatient, I just wanted to be up and doing things!!! I'm a hard one to please.