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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gardening - with kids

is not easy!  In fact, "not easy" might be an extreme understatement.  How is this for perspective?  Time it takes to re-pot 3 Amaryllis', 2 pepper plants and 1 giant bamboo plant = 1.5 hours and two parents (not including shower time).

I have to wonder at the patience of my parents as they taught three how to garden.  I recall spending summers dropping seeds into tilled rows, of course I was probably older then my current 1yr old and 3yr old helpers.

 More dirt ends up on the porch then I anticipated, but at least she sorted out the rocks!

Here's the thing, I can hold the baby or do all the heavy lifting and dirty work while you dictate what you want done.

Deal!  Note Sam helping by filling more pots with rocks from the flower bed.

 She agrees to pose for one dirty face photo.

Look at those roots!!

We attract a group of neighbor kids, thus adding to the chaos and tracking of our two kids who want to chase after them.

Would it have been easier to do it after their bedtime?  Yes, but the kids enjoyed helping, getting dirty and playing with the neighbor kids.

Disclaimer:  all dirt used to repot plants was from our compost bucket :)

1 comment:

Katrina said...

Amen and amen!! Having kids help is only good if you didn't actually need help. :) I have heard of people who devote and entire bed of some size to letting kids "help" plant their own flowers and veggies, but for those of us for whom space is at a premium, I don't really have room to "waste" on them. Maybe someday.