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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mother's Day I had hoped for

Didn't materialize.

Charlotte woke up sick with a cold, woke me up twice during the night, both in addition to the two times waking to feed Violette.  I was exhausted but still woke up to make my favorite sweet potato muffins which both kids refused to eat, only licking the icing off their muffins.  Even if Charlotte wasn't sick, we don't take her out in public when she skips breakfast because she gets mean and cranky with everyone and I won't do that to her Sunday School teacher ever again (only happened once).

I went to church with Violette; we sat in the mommy nursing room and for 1.5 hours I had a quiet non-demanding baby to rock.

Back at home the kids look at me expectantly, what's for lunch mom?  Husband tries to make late reservations but it's really too late so I choose Dairy Queen.  Charlotte only eats fries so we all skip dessert because she didn't eat the one thing we asked her to eat - just one piece of chicken - which she specifically asked for!  Arggg.

Home for naps and exhaustion catches up with me.  I sleep for almost 2 hours along with the kids.  Before sleeping husband asks what can he do to make my day better?  Flowers, Starbucks latte and chocolate peanut butter cupcake.  He goes to 3 different Starbucks to find the cupcake and they are all out of stock.  How sweet is that???  And I get two bunches of flowers :)

The rest of the day is spent at a movie theater watching Pirates (which Sam lasted halfway through, so husband will have to see the ending on DVD later), then "take out" dinner at Tijuana Flats (for Mexican food) because it's fast and all adult restaurants appeared to be too full. 

I think Mother's day is supposed to get better when kids are older and more predictable - right?

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