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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Tuesday


Hello Random followers, I managed to scrounge up a few things to say?

List of stupid things newscasters do to get attention:
1.  A Florida reporter tied himself to a tree while reporting on a hurricane.  I've always wondered, was the film crew tied to an opposite tree?

2.  A CNN reporter subjected herself to shock therapy - to show the viewing audience her reaction.  The report was about shock therapy to autistic students but I had to stop watching when the reporter started attaching electrodes to her body.  I don't need to see that. 

So what are the strangest things you've seen a reporter do?

Speaking of the word "stupid", apparently I use it to describe irritating cars and things that annoy me so it should come as no surprise that Charlotte tested the word out on her brother.  Queue gasp from both parents.  Guess I need to work a little harder on my descriptive word choice.

What words do you find your kids repeating?


Heather Chapman said...

Haha, I can't believe anyone would tie themselves to a tree for the sake of news! Thanks for stopping by Charmed Life Chronicles.. .now following you.

Velvettush said...

I think it's stupid for reporters to go stand in the scene of a crime in the dark when the crime happened HOURS before. I think it's stupid for them to stand out in ANY weather to say, "it's Snowing." I think the only time a reporter needs to be on the scene is during sporting events... it's actually going on at the moment.

Cathy Kennedy said...

None of our local TV reporters have done anything stupid, I don't believe. You usually see that sort of thing on a national level where ratings matters the most. BTW, many thanks for following me on FB and my blog. =D I'm now following you in return. It's always so nice to meet new people.