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Monday, April 30, 2012

Multitude Monday

 I've taken a two month break from Multitude Monday because I needed to slow down on blogging to prepare for baby.  She's here, and absolutely adorable at four weeks old tomorrow.  Here's a list of the latest things I'm thankful for:

266.  This tiny child with spiky hair like a fairy, we call her Violette.
267.  For grandparents who come and dote on their Grandkids with so much love and affection.
268.  For a dresser full of baby girl clothes, we've barely had to but anything!
269.  The sound of two older children waking and talking quietly.
270.  A weekend of rain, to refill local supplies.
271.  Baby frogs, smaller than a dime, and a chance to teach the older kids to respect life and not squish them.
272.  One month of newborn cuddle time with no health issues, just a perfectly growing and happy baby girl.  We are so blessed.
273.  Breakfast muffins, waiting for us this morning.
274.  A husband who tries to understand.
275.  Plenty of diapers - thanks to the grandparents again :)
276.  11 hours spent in bed!
277.  Excellent production of breast milk = happy baby.
278.  Freedom of press, living in a country where news is not censored.
279.  Sharing imaginary lemons with a 3 year old.
280.  Hearing your 3 year old tell her grandmother "I got you a baby, just for you!"
281.  One year old son who shows his adoration by kissing my hand repeatedly.
282.  One year old son with dirt under his too-long fingernails, shows his diligence with outdoor learning - right?
283.  As I pause while writing this post in a quiet room, I can hear each of my children's voices through the baby monitor and I'm delighted to recognize a new voice from Violette.  She has this little AhhhhhHHHH that escalates until she's picked up.
284.  Mid day lattes made at home.
285.  Leftover cheesecake.

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