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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My kids just threw away all their toys...

We set up a gate in the master bedroom doorway so that we can have more light in the condo during the day and the kids can't get in and wreak havoc.

As I'm nursing baby Violette, they proceeded to throw their toys over the gate. Husband responded by boxing up the toys and saying they would lose them for a period of time.

Undeterred, Charlotte continued to throw every single toy over the gate and say things like:

"Bye bye toy, I'm throwing you away".

"We made a big mess daddy"!

"I don't want my squishy anymore".

I wonder who will win this round?


Liesl Garner said...

Oh - I wish! Somehow, we have such an overabundance that it is nearly impossible for them to clean on their own - they are overwhelmed. I keep meaning to put half of them away when they're not looking. However, if I actually want them to ignore me, they are glued to my side. How is that?

Kim said...

I hate when I get myself into these types of situations!

(The new baby is beautiful - congrats!)

rc helicopter said...

I had heard that kids are love to play with toys, toys are part of kids life. Here you have told that kids just threw away all their toys, why and how?