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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adventures in postpartum life = things are getting better

No sickness for 24 hours.

My mom has been in town for Violette's first week and she left today; we are sad to see her leave but need to figure out how to balance 3 on our own anyway. At least the sickness is gone!

Sam has lost his indoor voice - I'm afraid it's permanent. He now shouts at the dinner table and all day long. I'm told one year old's just want to be heard but he must think we are all going deaf!

Both older kids are in collusion with a food strike. All prior favorite foods are no longer liked and no suggestions are being made as to what they might want in replacement. Assuming this might be natural reaction to major life change in us bringing home a newborn.

Violette is surprisingly completely unfazed by the older kids shenanigans. She will sleep through the loudest of tantrums and even when awake shows no alarm at the volume of her older siblings. I guess they really do get a sense of their environment while in utero.

Sam has begun to scream MINE to everything he wants or sister has taken. He desperately needs to learn more words!

Sometimes I hide in the bedroom for longer then necessary after feeding the baby. Like now. Ha ha. Well it is 5, guess I should go make dinner.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

So glad to hear that illness has stayed at bay...surely that will help getting everything else balanced out.