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Monday, April 09, 2012

Adventures in postpartum life = you probably DON'T want to read this!

Saturday wake up with cracked nipples (sorry internet, it's a new nursing mom inevitability). So I switch to a pump meaning every feeding someone gives baby a bottle while I pump, cue sad mom.

Sunday we had disturbing issues with Sam's diaper. I'm just going to leave it at that. He didn't have any other symptoms, just no appetite and horrible diapers. By mid-day it clears up so we give him an entire chocolate bunny for Easter.

2am Monday - hear husband throwing up in the bathroom. Alarmed, can't lose half my help to illness! I still have to pump at 3 AND feed the baby!

3am - he manages to give baby a bottle and then runs for the bathroom to throw up some more, I somehow manage to prop baby onto my legs while pumping and she's okay with that! I hold her for the rest of the night because she won't let me put her down without screaming and waking the entire house up. Usually we switch off between feedings but husband appears to be completely incapacitated.

7am - made it through the night without further episodes, managed to feed baby at 5am and put off pumping until mom (who's thankfully visiting for the week) could wake up and hold baby.

7:30am - finish pumping, kids are up and while changing Violette's diaper notice Sam run by with sagging pajama bottoms. Kid clearly has a monster of a diaper - chocolate bunny? Husband finally rallies enough strength to get up and drag 30lb boy onto changing table only to gag in horror at what has filled diaper and pajama bottoms. Take the kid straight to shower, bag nastiness in plastic bag and I give the boy a shower, needed one myself anyway.

8:00am - make breakfast, zone out at the table while trying to get 2 kids to eat. Charlotte claims she might be getting sick.

Noon - Charlotte has pink cheeks and is warm all over, definitely getting sick, refuses lunch.

3:30pm - up from naps, I'm feeding Violette on couch and Charlotte finally hurls over carpet, runs to bed to lay down, and then again over clothes and bed. Mom and I follow the trail of disaster and clean up along the way. I put her in the master bed with dad and declare it the hospital room. Give them a bucket and ask them to please aim.

5pm - more shenanigans from Charlotte onto the couch and clothing (which thankfully has removable water proof cover) and I'd say we are just about done with any more sickness today. Everyone needs to get better NOW. I much prefer the screaming and fighting nonsense of the past weekend to these sick events. I'm in recovery people! I'm to be left alone for long periods of time with adequate drinks and snacks while I pump, rest and take care of a newborn. Not running around the house taking care of all you sick people.


Amanda said...

Oh dear heavens just what you need right now. Hope every one is on and stays on the mend.

Christa the BabbyMama said...

I envy the help! I had to pump the first four months because we were giving (and then scaling back) supplemental bottles, and I mainly held the P. balanced on my knees while pumping. Good times...