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Monday, April 09, 2012

Last Monday - the day before baby decided to spontaneously arrive

One week ago I started the day with a half hour of yoga in the morning then it was jump feet first into office work - conference calls, interviews, last minute discussions about transition of job duties. Suddenly office internet went down for 2 hours mid-day so I did another half hour of yoga and had a big lunch. Back on line by 2 for 3 hours of frantic work and I then took the entire family to my last yoga class - the plan being take family just in case I go into labor after class - it could happen!

It didn't.

They went to the beach while I did evening yoga. I swear the teacher pushed me harder that night, or maybe I pushed myself. I wanted this baby out so badly I was planning to do yoga all week just to get things moving.

Family picked me up post class and we went back to the beach for a moonlit picnic dinner - meaning husband and I ate while kids dug holes in the sand.

Last pregnancy photo, one day before Violette was born.

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