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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Community is hard to find in a mega church

It's hard to find community in a mega church.  They offer mom groups like Blessed that get together for park play dates on weekdays when I work, never on the weekend.  They offer small home groups but none seem to accommodate 3 small children.  The women's Bible study meets 3 times a day but my peer group of mom's meets in the morning, when I'm working.

So when I finally find a calendar event on the weekend I write it on the calendar, because if it's there the family will know to make it a priority.  But they don't.  Kids act up, husband announces they don't deserve a park day and cookies get put away, unbaked.  It rains a slow drizzle rain that says I might stop, I might not.  Then we all decide to go anyway, an hour later and the rain comes down even harder.  Then the baby cries on the way so we go to the mall instead and I stay in the van to feed the baby, an hour early.  We nap because that's just less stressful then walking in the now drizzle to watch kids play in the mall.

Such is the life as a full time working mom.


Angie said...

You're not alone. We attend a small rural church (approx 250 on any given Sunday) and I'm having a horrible time trying to get to know people better even though the church is small. Women's Bible Study meets during the day or on the one evening that I can't attend, MOPS only meets during the day, and we can't ever seem to make it to the Family activities each month. Why is it that I feel like we're the only ones missing out on everything? Everyone else seems so close and connected.

Good luck with your search!

rubberbacon said...

Yes even at 250 it can be hard to connect. I grew up in a church of less then 100 and knew every family by name and their history! I thought that was the norm so it's taken some adjustment to realize not every church member wants to be so well known. I still crave it though, community can be a wonderful thing when going through joys and trials of life. Praying you find your community Angie and thanks for commenting today!

Corrina said...

I hear ya! I WORK at a church (not a mega church though) and struggle to find community or do things that are for myself. But these years will pass and we will have more opportunities and freedom, right?