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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun!

Friday's I get off work at 1:30pm and enter the fun world of my children. The way this usually goes is both are nodding off for naps - not today! Neither child showed any inclination of napping. So I fed Sam at 2pm and watched Robin Hood while Charlotte played with my iPhone. See - she got "quiet time"! It was only when work called that I had to pause the movie to take a 27 minute conference call and astonishingly the kids were good!

By 3:30 I could see there was no nap happening unless I closed the door on my daughter and let her cry it out and that's no fun! So after checking the fridge for supplies and noticing we were completely out of milk I took both kids to the store.

I was pleasantly surprised to find 3:30 - 4:30 a great time to shop! Someone stopped to help me put my recycling in the cans when they saw I had my hands full with kids. Someone uploaded my entire cart onto the conveyor belt! And throughout the store people were friendly and helpful. What a nice distraction from my daughter's wails for chocolate!! She had swiped a puppy holding kisses and balloon at the entrance and wanted the chocolate the entire way through the store. I didn't buy it, for $15.99 I can't justify the sugar high and 5 minutes of silence it might give me. Besides we have chocolate at home - which she gamely reminded me of and got a gold chocolate coin for being relatively good.

Considering they had skipped naps on me, I meticulously planned the evening to get both in bed by 7pm - IT WORKED!

I think I'll go make an apple pie!!!


Caterina said...

Woot! Woot! You made it out to the store with 2 kids. That alone is an accomplishment!

crazywildberry said...

What a nice afternoon, evening, night for you! And kudos for keeping it together and getting a shopping trip in there too. That's awesome!

And you deserve that apple pie! Enjoy a piece for me. (BTW, I miss you!)