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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working Mom Wednesday

Linking to awesome working mom blogger Julia @ Work, Wife, Mom, Life, this weeks prompt is: Write about a personality trait that, for good or bad, is just a part of you.

I have a confession to make - I'm a chronic over planner. It's true! This has never been more apparent than now as I've spent the past week preparing for a two week trip to Asia that starts with me dropping the kids in Texas to their grandparents and ends with me picking them up in Texas. I'm traveling by myself with two small kids! Hold me, I'm scared!!!

In this case over planning may be justified. For trip to Texas:

1st consideration:
Sam will be strapped to my chest in a Bjorn carrier so I have both hands free to handle security and wrangle Charlotte.

Taking stroller so Charlotte can be strapped down and I don't have to chase her crazy butt all over the airport. Besides I think I'll get in more trouble if forced to manhandle her onto the plane.

Putting laptop in diaper bag, can't see carrying purse, diaper bag AND laptop bag and can't roll a bag while pushing a stroller!

Taking lunch, PB&J and apple would be fine! Less mess to deal with the better! See, here's the part where I may be overplanning.

Have packed iPod for Charlotte with Pixar buddy songs, season 4 of SpongeBob, family pictures and new toddler apps. If this doesn't work I will be found banging my head on the plane window!

Trip to Asia:

1st consideration:
Snacks - homemade pumpkin muffins, Munchies, dove bars, applesauce, tea and cinnamon (try explaining for 15 minutes what cinnamon is to Hong Kong hotel staff and you will carry it too).

2 bags that fit in carry-on including purse which is stored in carry-on until I board plane. I have 3 connections before reaching Hong Kong and that's too many opportunities for lost luggage. I also need to pack small and modular because I have multiple small trips into Vietnam and China.

Carry-on means one quart size bag of toiletries and that will not last 2 weeks so I've shipped a bag to the company's Hong Kong office with extra stuff.

Entertainment is Madame Tussaud on the plane and since I'm flying Cathay Pacific I'll have a TV in my seat so I can get caught up on movies!

Actually haven't had time to execute this plan but I need plugs to recharge phone battery on plane :(

More details to come, and believe me I'll be posting ALOT since I'll have no kids or husband to keep my company.


Unpolished Parenting said...

Being that prepared is a VERY good thing! I think as a mom you have to over plan and be two steps ahead of every possible scenario. I don't think I always do a great job, but it seems like you've got all of your bases covered!

crazywildberry said...

I agree with Unpolished Parenting's comments. You seem to have all the bases, plus some, covered. As a seasoned mom of three, I am impressed with your preparation for this trip.

Some other thoughts:
I am jealous that you can still fit your 7 month old in a Baby Bjorn. After three months, all my baby's were too big.

I don't think you would get into trouble for "manhandling" Charlotte. They have seen it all. Busy kids and everything else too.

The lunch plan is a good one. PB&J is a great idea. As your kids get older, I love Rubbermaid's juice boxes. You can also find generic ones at Wal-Mart for a faction of the price. But, we love these time and money savers. Might be a problem on plane trips, but for car trips, they are wonderful. Just an FYI.

As far as banging your head on the window, just don't bang your head too hard. Breaking a window is not a good idea. :D LOL

I can't believe you got past the kids. I am tired just thinking of all you had to be thinking about. haha

OH! Did you ever find some cinnamon after explaining what it is to them? I would be surprised if they even had that spice.

If you get bored enough message me when it would be suit you for a IM chat. I would be up for that. Or a phone call, but I am thinking IM chat would be better.

Have a wonderful trip, Rachel! You are back into the traveling already! That's awesome! (Reminder: check out my blog)

Caterina said...

Regarding the laptop case, purse, and diaper bag....

I was thinking a backpack might be a good idea? But then I realized you would have a baby attached on the front and a very heavy backpack on the back. This would either balance you out or completely topple you over, bwaa ha ha ha :D

I'm just kidding ;) ;)

Have a very safe trip! And hopefully some fun :)

Miss. C said...

I am so excited about your trip and reading about it!! I think it all sounds like a GREAT plan!!!

By the way, your comment on my page about meeting up, I would love that!!!

Betsy said...

I am also a chronic overplanner. My husband is the exact opposite so trips in our house are always a unique sort of chaos!

kt moxie said...

There is no such thing as over-planning when traveling on a plane with small children. That is all!

Julia Ladewski said...

you are sooo prepared!! good for you! i always get excited about planning for a trip and then never do a very good job!!