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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well I finally made it to Vietnam. Feeling really disoriented from all the timezone changes - Japan is two hours ahead so at this point it's midnight. I think I'll actually sleep the entire night!

Woke up to a beautiful day in Japan. Daylight makes everything better. The hotel had an amazing garden built into a hill so that made up for all the room's shortcomings. A short walk in 40 degree weather does tons to boost the spirit!

The Japan airport is a magnificent place for shopping if you are into that - which I'm not but I was impressed with the display. They even had bags with plush toys made of the same fabric as the bag which totally blew my mind - I've been working with plush toys for 10 years so I collect any strange bits and pieces but these came only with the bags which were extremely expensive so I had to settle with photos which I will then try to recreate with my amazing R&D partner here in Vietnam.

Starbucks appears to have been band from the main terminal - which is kinda nice! I found Illy to have excellent iced latte's with liquid sugar. How sweet!!

Photos to be posted once I figure out how to get them off my iPhone.

Battery on my computer is dying so I must go. I did ask hotel service for a converter and the one they brought started smoking as I was breast pumping. I bet that was fun for husband to see me freaking out about a smoking outlet from the other side of the world! Glad I packed extra batteries.


crazywildberry said...

Starbucks being banned from the terminal is a good thing? I thought you were a die-hard Starbucks fan?

I would have found that a funny picture too. You trying to pump while the outlet is smoking. lol

Caterina said...

Holy cow! A smoking outlet woulda had me screaming :O Aaahhhh. Good grief.

A banned Starbucks? Why are they banned? Did they say?