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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Breakfast - follow up

Thanks to all for your kind advice and words of wisdom for our little eating conundrum. I thought it might be best to add a little more to the story.

For the remainder of the day, Charlotte continued to refuse all foods. This child has iron will! She only asked for juice and gummies. Sugar sugar sugar!!! So to the person who said - she will eat when she's hungry - not yet! She was hungry and didn't eat. Stubborn beyond all sense of reason.

A typical day is 8oz of milk in the morning, followed by light snacking of our breakfast - some days more than others. Pedisure around 1pm, light snacking throughout the day (meaning a few bites of cheese, crackers, and bread) and 8oz of milk before bed.

Oh and she does know how to eat with a spoon and demonstrates with great care and skill on occasion but today we continued to offer the spoon because we are just determined to get her to eat one way or another!

We honestly have no idea how she manages to continue growing but the doctor said she's healthy and has a little belly and is meeting all milestones. But honestly this situation is getting beyond exasperating.

So to further enhance her hunger we are planning to eliminate morning milk to squeeze a real breakfast in. This means we actually have to make an effort to wake up before 7am and prepare a full breakfast. So what am I doing on here??? I should be sleeping!


VandyJ said...

Good luck. Bruiser likes to snack. Eating real meals--not so much. I present him with what we are eating for dinner but don't really expect him to eat much--sometimes he surprises me. I just try not to make meal time a battle. It just causes indigestion for every one.

Caterina said...

That's what I did! Totally eliminated the morning milk! And after awhile, he started eating a whole bowl of cereal :)

Our pediatrician also recommended going to 2% milk since it is less filling. I was worried about it, but she said it's fine.

R. Molder said...

Vandy - I agree with you, I go between the idea of wanting to force her to eat family meals and letting her snack. I know we need to take a stance - it's so hard!

SoFla M - 2%, that's a good idea. We buy it for ourselves but we'd been buying whole milk for her.