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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hurray for Random Tuesday, a super cool place created by Keely @ "The Un Mom", head over and check out the coolest graphics in the bloggisphere! She makes me want to read comic books and dream about Canadian bacon.

Unsure of what to write about today, until my daughter gave me the following material.


Charlotte, not wanting to watch Rugrats is screaming "NO RATS"


Yesterday, in attempt to fix a sore back from carrying baby boy around for an hour in a front pack, I started a bath. Charlotte hopped in with all her clothes on. Lesson - don't take bath while kids are awake.


The following video illustrates typical meal time in our home, better than words could ever express:

Just so you know, this is food she has enjoyed on other occasions. We are not monsters.

And finally, Chinese New Year started yesterday, which means our Asia offices are closed for 2-3 weeks thus meaning I get no development emails and can leave work at a reasonable time! Hurray! Time for more baking and photo projects!


Unpolished Parenting said...

Oh big hugs momma! Sending lots of patience dust your way!

VandyJ said...

Bruiser sometimes simply refuses to open his mouth--he's always cheerful about it but just won't eat. Feeding children is such fun!

The Preppy Student said...

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Anonymous said...

I should bake... you've made me want to bake. :)

With Bowl + Spoon said...

Two things to help with the kid that doesn't want to eat (from your childless friend...so take it or leave it) she'll eat when she's hungry? and maybe if she helps make the food...just like when she started to dress herself....maybe there'll be more interest? Just some thoughts. You could just breast feed again!

Evi said...

Try to have her learn to feed herself... maybe start giving her a spoon to play with at the same time you feed her. At first, it will be messy for you, but fun for her!

Caterina said...

My (oldest) son has done this too. I feel your pain. Sometimes he would take a bite and then SPIT IT OUT, which infuriated me even more! G'luck :) 

crazywildberry said...

If you don't mind some more advise... I wouldn't let her eat off your plate. I wouldn't let her snack all day either. I would make her get really hungry if she isn't going to eat her own food. Maybe you are trying too hard. I know you are trying to not starve her. You are a good mom. You are far from being a monster.

My middle child doesn't like to sit still and eat at the table. However, we are trying to teach her good table manners, so we are constantly at her to sit up, "sit square in your chair", not to dunk her food in her milk (or put applesauce all over her sandwich, etc.), and eat in a reasonable time. We have set the timer on several occasions and I find this approach is helping our situation. A lot. If she can't eat her food in 20 minutes, the food disappears. Oh, she cries and put up a fuss, but each time she gets better at eating in that 20 minutes time. And, maybe have something at the end of the meal, not necessarily cookies, to reward her for finishing her meal. That's working for us too. No yogurt or cookies, or fruit snack unless she eats her food first. And if she doesn't eat her food, no "dessert". This is helping us too.

Blessings on your patience. That you not be "tried" to hard. Kids are battle-fighters but they are also instrumental in teaching us how to be better people. One mealtime at a time. Love you Rachel! Keep us posted on her progress and what works for you guys!

Unknown said...

Kids are such constant sources of challenges! (I have 3 boys, 2 with autism spectrum disorders- life was CRAZY when they were little)

Hope you all have a better week.

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