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Monday, January 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions - FAIL!!!

The most important resolution I made was to not waste food. However, we found this rule to be difficult to live with as we got very very busy so I put a list on the fridge marked FOOD LOSS and here are the items we proceeded to throw away in the month of January:

1 Whole Pumpkin - it was buy one get one free, so I ended up with 4 and just could not manage to get the last pumpkin pureed and frozen before it was in the fridge way too long.

Moldy Bread 1/2 loaf - fridge was overfilled so bread stayed out and got moldy

5 bananas - just sat out too long!

1 lb of lamb - I never eat lamb but at the beginning of the month I felt ambitious to try a Shepard's Pie, then I got really busy with work and forgot it for a week. Major fail!

Chicken Broth - that we went to the trouble to make from a bistro chicken! Just let it sit for 2+ weeks without putting it in the freezer. Honestly!

1/2 a tomato

1 bag of lettuce - never even opened.

Fresh Thyme - left in fridge since Thanksgiving

1 bunch of radishes - again an ambitious dinner idea never materialized

1/2 bag of cranberries - forgotten since Christmas

What have I learned from this? Nothing I didn't already know but here's a recap:
* Freeze all meats immediately upon getting home from the store unless it's on the menu for the evening!

* Rotate food throughout the week, meaning when making dinner do a search of food that needs to be moved to freezer, processed, etc.

I'm really hoping February is better because this is an extremely embarrassing way to start a New Years Resolution!


Miss. C said...

I started to just freeze things as I put dinner away! I had to stop leaving it out to use the next day because I didn't because LIFE would happen! I guess I should go turn the crock pot off now and freeze our leftover stew I made for dinner! Thanks for the reminder! :)

amanda said...

I think this is one of my all time favourite posts of yours. :D I like your resolution and secretly thought I'd try it...well you're not the only one who failed...and epically at that. I've been better with the meet, the fresh veg and fruit...not so much. And once cleaned out fridge is back to normal...with food that disappears for weeks on end. And the topper...opening my cupboard to fine a container...and the cupboard was empty because they were all being used in the fridge. Sadly, my garbage bag was almost overweight with what I had to get rid of.
But we tried, we really did...right?!