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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sam - eight weeks old

This past week has brought a bunch of smiles! He is a happy baby, well fed, warm, cuddly and BIG. He wears the same diapers as his 2 year old sister because they have the same belly size. He wears 3-6 month clothes.

We are just about to the point where he sleeps all night, currently about 6-7 hours.

He's starting to accept his dad and finally accepting bottles! He's breast feed for all meals except for the 2 while I'm at work so he's had a pretty hard time with those 2 bottles.

Next week will be his first plane ride to my home of Hagerstown, MD. We are going to my cousins wedding. I can't wait to show my mom how big he's gotten!


crazywildberry said...

As he ages, we will have to keep comparing. I haven't found a baby who got as big as my little man. Not yet. However, that's a big belly. Little Man stats that I can remember: born 7.1 four months 18.0 six months 24.0 nine months 29.15 1 year 30.7

My little lady (age 2) is in a size 5 diaper and has been for almost a year now. She wears a six at night. So, what size does Charlotte wear?

So sad about missing you in MD. However, I am counting down the days, but not too fast... to seeing you in FL!!! Can't wait!!

Unpolished Parenting said...

Love his onesie! He's too cute :)

Heather said...

He's absolutely adorable! Love his precious smile, too!