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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Church Chaos

Before Sam was born, my husband worked on Sunday's so I'd take Charlotte to church by myself. We had it down to a tight routine of leaving by 9:30 so I could get her checked into Sunday school and still have 10 minutes before church started to find a friend and finish make up if needed.

Now I have husband AND a newborn to hustle out the door.

Last night Sam woke up at 3am and 6am to eat. The 6am feeding totally threw me off schedule. I had planned to work out at 6:30 and instead was rocking a baby back to sleep. I still managed to give him a bath and get husband and daughter up, both dressed and breakfast made by 9. While we were eating, Sam, sitting in the bouncer next to us, had the biggest poo of his entire life - it shot right out of his diaper! That really threw me off schedule since I hadn't even showered yet and I have this rule about not leaving the house without a shower. I know I should be more flexible but it's my rule. So I quickly changed his diaper and outfit along with throwing the entire bouncer cover into the wash but had to stop and empty the washer first - SIGH!

Finally got the entire family in the van by 9:50 and off to church. Once there I realized we had forgotten Sam's bottle so couldn't drop him off at the nursery - they kinda freak out when you drop off a newborn without paci and bottles so this means I had to sit in the mommy nursing room where they have rockers, changing table and TV to watch the service. Charlotte went to Sunday school and husband went to the auditorium. I also forgot my nursing wrap so used a blanket instead.

New rule - pack everything for church the night before!

1 comment:

crazywildberry said...

Oh, Rach! I have been there done that. Big poos, no bottles, messes all over the swing seat or car seat just minutes before leaving. Ugh! (So glad that stage is over! LOL!) Sounds like you made the best of an otherwise difficult situation.

I learned the hard way, too, that packing the night before works better, hands down!