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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Welcome to Random Tuesday, a fun blog hop brought to you by "The Un Mom", head over and check out her super cool graphics.

Random thoughts of the week:

I hate Snuggies; I hate their advertisements and I hate the ugly shapeless blanket and shameful marketing - but most of all - I hate their latest commercials using the most dreadful song every created - The Macarena. Two things I hate most have joined forces to annoy me.

Charlotte got constipated - really bad recently. I went to the pharmacy to look for some kind of fiber to give her and found some miracle fiber gummy bears! Charlotte loves gummy's. While discussing this with the pharmacist, he instructed me to make sure she drinks more liquid. I agreed saying, "yes but she's just turned 2 and is refusing to drink unless it's her idea". He said, "well you just have to tell her that's why she's constipated and if she drinks more it won't happen". I replied, "she's just turned 2, she does not understand that X causes Y to happen".

Well we finally got to church on Sunday as a family - after two months of watching on the internet. The motivating factor was that Charlotte needs to socialize with other kids following the Chick Fil A debacle. We had everyone ready to go, walking out the door when Sam threw up right down the middle of my blouse. I quickly changed to a purple blouse forgetting about the gold sandals still on my feet - I guess I look like royalty right? Then he threw up again but I was able to shift in time so it all ended up on the tile floor. See - many good reasons for tile!


Stacy Uncorked said...

Have you seen the new Nap Snuggies that cover your face? They've gone from crazy to crazier. ;)

Poor Charlotte! Yay for gummy bears! ;)

Poor Sam! But too funny you changed into a purple blouse with gold sandals - definite royalty! ;)

Hope both kids are feeling better!

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VandyJ said...

Ugg, that snuggie commercial is the worst. I think I might not feel such animosity toward tehm if they were thicker and not fleece. We have animals and pet hair sticks to those like nothing else. Yuck, just yuck!
I think the only commercial that annoys me more is the slap chop rap.
Hope both your kiddos are feeling better.

MediMonsters said...

I saw they make snuggies for dogs. :)

amanda said...

I have not seen that particular Snuggie commercial and I hope it stays that way. Tonya stole my thunder...snuggies for pets...really!?
Glad you were able to make it to church, even if was a challenge to get out the door. :)

Unknown said...

LOL...oh my i have missed the commercial...but that is for areason I am certain...I have teens now and do not want any babies.....so i do not pay attention to baby stuffs...stopping by from RTT to say hi