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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Charlotte's Law

For every good and perfect day there will be an equal and opposite day of frustration and irrational behavior.

Today we are experiencing the latter.

Maybe it's because I waited just a little too long before opening her door to change morning diaper and prepare warm milk? Maybe it's because Sam chose that very moment to require a meal and diaper change thus cutting into her morning mommy time?

Regardless I tried to make up for it by taking her to Chick Fil A to play. Today was our first outing to a play ground with Sam (minus husband who is at work). It was not a great outing.

I was dismayed to see the two annoying girls in matching pink Princess outfits that we saw before Sam was born. For some reason they don't like my daughter and she in turn thinks everyone is a friend. To start Charlotte put up two hands to give the youngest girl a hug who backed away in horror, tripped and almost fell into Sam's car seat which was sitting on the floor, then looked at me and said, "she pushed me". I was like, no she didn't.

I know Charlotte's too young to understand their evasive techniques so she resorted to shouting her favorite made up word BAHJAAAAAAH as they ran in and out, in and out of the play room. The youngest (around 4) would mask horror every time Charlotte yelled and run to her mom saying that girl yelled at me! Meanwhile I had gotten caught up feeding Sam and was left to parent from the side lines.

I know she won't be friends with everyone she meets but it gives me a pit in my stomach to see unfriendly kids. It's a joy to watch her play with friendly kids. I keep saying to myself, that's one of the reasons we had a second child, to give her a playmate. I'm the middle daughter with two brothers and we didn't have any neighbors to play with until we reached 12 or 13 so they were my best friends and enemies some days but we always had each other for every playground or adult event our parents took us to.

I'm so glad I had my brothers to play with, other kids are tough to mingle with even at the age of 2!


Rumour Miller said...

Oh my gosh, I so know that feeling. Diva 1 loves people and thinks that all kids are her friend. If she wants to play with them then they must want to play with her too.

It's heartbreaking to watch it from the sidelines.... a hard lesson in life to be learned.

crazywildberry said...

My little Princess (D) is the same way! She runs up to everyone. "HI! What's your name..." She gets on babies' faces and asks the mothers lots of questions. I try pulling her away because i can see most people aren't interested in entertaining her questions. It isn't just kids; it's the parents too. And it is disheartening. I see her getting ignored sometimes. I guess that's good. Don't talk to strangers mentality. But, it's hard to watch my daughter who is friendly and outgoing getting dissed at four! What is wrong with people? I think Char and D would just love each other to pieces! :D

crazywildberry said...

(IN babies faces! not ON! LOL)

R. Molder said...

Yeah it sounds like they would get along just fine!