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Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Highlights

In the office, the first question of the day on Monday is how was your weekend - in this case, how was your Mother's day? I told them I was glad to be sitting safely at my desk with nothing to do but work at a computer. Here are my weekend highlights:

Saturday we went to the beach for one hour in 88 degree weather (heat index 99). My rule is one hour in the summer, any more seems like a plan to dehydrate everyone and induce possible heat stroke.

We tried a beach that used to be FREE but they've installed a fancy solar powered credit card machine that cost $3.00 per hour. That may also be inspiration to stay one hour.

We swam for most of that hour in beautiful calm clear ocean water - daughter clung to me for dear life. Just earlier in the week she let husband drag her back and forth in the surf on boogie board until falling off into the waves so I guess she's being a bit cautious now.

Following our swim was a long walk up sandy hill to reach shower. Not_doing_this_beach_again - overheated, really tired from climb and fortunately got daughter to walk most of it. Reached showers, dumped gear, showered quickly while she scanned the area looking for trouble. Grabbed her, removed diaper, showered naked girl as quickly as possible until she made a quick escape running back down boardwalk buck naked with pink sandals. Brief pause as I consider grabbing a camera but she's going fast so grab towel instead and recapture offspring in front of an audience of maybe 10 or 12 people. Seriously out of breath now, manage to wrangle new diaper on her bottom and terry cloth dress over body and cajole her into walking to the car.

Started out nice with husband making breakfast burrito's and writing lovely things about me in the post below. Unfortunately he had to work and left me behind with best wishes. In the next hour Charlotte managed to wiggle out of her Sunday dress, lose a sandal, throw her cheerios into the air, make a furious bid for the broom as I cleaned her mess, threw herself on the floor when I didn't cooperate and threw my new candle sticks down the hallway that husband made for me. But none of that could dim the shine of Mother's day so off we went to church. Even her refusal to ride in the stroller meaning I had to carry her in 90 degree heat a very long distance from parking lot to building did not dim the glow.

Post service I collect Charlotte from the nursery and she happily agrees to walk by my side. We stop to take photos of her new dress which looks a bit like a ruffled flapper gown -

Then it's up and down the stairs for 15 minutes until I decide it's time to go home because I'm becoming desperate to eat lunch - 7mo pregnant and all that! She throws a giant fit and I carry a kicking screaming girl to the car, shovel her into carseat, plug in a binky and drive home - still glowing!

At home she wages a campaign to end the afternoon nap by climbing everything in sight - coffee table, dining table, changing table until inexplicably falling flat on her back between couch and dog kennel which resulted in horrible cries leading to a nap.

I do what any sensible (pregnant) unreasonable adult women would do on Mother's day - clean. Sweep the floors, wash bottles, load laundry, clean stove, clean cat vomit in garage that has covered my lovely white pantry and finally sit down to read some blogs. I should have rested - would have if I'd know the rest of the day would be worse!

1.5 hours later, more climbing, yelling, harassing the dog and general wild behavior. Finally at 4:30 I thought it time to go for an outing - I needed peaches and a 2nd lunch. So we went off to Whole Foods - she spotted a fruit strip slip into my purse on the way out the door and screamed for that. She screamed most of the way to WF. Once there she refused to sit in the cart.

On the way back to the car I gave her a bag to hold and half way while crossing the road she threw it on the ground - I stoop down, off balance from giant basket ball in front and 20lb daughter on hip, grab bag and hold it too close to her reach, she makes a wild grab for the bag, I move it to the other hand, she counters screaming and flailing both arms throwing me even more off balance as I literally growl her name under my breath, flip her into a football hold and muscle her off to the car.

Fortunately I was able to buy a nice African Violet plant so my plan for mother's day flowers was complete. There was chocolate at home and a plan for a memorable meal. The day still had hope and when husband came home and took over it was a truly blessed day.

Question to future Charlotte - was it really necessary to test my parenting skills on Mother's day??? I expect pancakes and strawberries in bed when you are older.


crazywildberry said...

I truly think you deserve the pancakes (waffles, really) and strawberries. You had a heck of a Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day, by the way! Miss you!

I love her dress! Where's YOUR picture? Got to show both of your children off! :)

R. Molder said...

Hi CWB - it was probably more challenging since husband had to work. We have a plan in place where he will stop working Sunday's by end of May. I'm so excited! Hard to take photos of myself ya know!

amanda said...

First word - jealous. 88! I know, I know, it has to do with where you live...never did really mention it, but it was 0C/32F (or less one night)!
Second word - cutie! I love the dress, Charlotte looks so cute in it.
Last word - breakfast? I think she'll have to give you more than just pancakes and strawberries! ;)

crazywildberry said...

Yeah, more like pancakes, strawberries, manicure, pedicure and full body massage! However, even if that "debt" is never paid in full, she will be worth every tirade! She is a smart, cute little girl.