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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Scrambled Brains

(trip to Maryland with toddler + return to work)1 = scrambled brains * 47

It all started with major plane delays on Monday, I had planned to return in the morning and work from 12-8pm but major storms in Ft. Lauderdale caused a shut down to all entering flights. I finally walked into work at 4pm hoping to grab my computer and work from home but encountered a room full of freelance designers and meetings happening and had to jump into the fray.

Tuesday - see below post, grumpy day :(

Wednesday - I can't remember much except coming home to rework taxes because I had forgotten to deduct sales tax so I continued to stare into a computer screen after an entire day in the office and hopefully did it right because I should be getting an additional $143.00! Then at 3:30am I remembered a doctor's appointment the following morning for 7:30am!

Thursday - made it to the appointment with Chick-Fil-A sandwich and juice in hand, baby boy is an astonishing 2lbs 10oz and I'm only 26 weeks!!! That's 1lb 5oz gain in 3 weeks!

Work was hectic as it was boss's last day in office before 2 week trip to Asia, again full house of freelance designers but I have a standing commitment to leave at 5:15pm for yoga. Yet I was feeling desperate to spend time with husband and daughter so went straight home to collect them and back to the beach for the evening. It was really the perfect decision because afterward we had dinner at our favorite restaurant where Charlotte behaved beautifully and learned to use a fork!

Friday - another long day of work but finally caught up from the 2.5 days of vacation!

So there's my week in summary and apologies for not posting regularly; should be feeling back to normal after this weekend is over!


amanda said...

Somewhat related...I know the Ft. Lauderdale airport...that was the airport of choice when visiting my aunt or using my grandparents condo in Pompano. I do very much miss those trips!
Extra money fro taxes = awesome. Remembering an appointment at 3:30 a.m. = horrible!

crazywildberry said...

Even as a stay at home, those trips away, no matter how short or long, no matter how relaxing or troublesome, can send the week that follows into horrible disarray! I am sure that you will get back into your own rhythm soon! Hope your weekend proves relaxing!