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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Notable Notes

I've recently been wowed by my parents generation for their writing and personal style. Take my friend J's dad who is now on LinkedIn. I saw he was connected and sent a standard form invitation to be connected that simply said "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn." He wrote back a personal message to my actual email account that said:
"It was very good to hear from you and I look forward to keeping current with you. Should you ever find yourself in the need of a trusted friend or advisor, of someone to bounce ideas off of, or someone to just listen...I am your guy! We all miss you and can't wait till the next time we can spend some time with you and yours."
This totally made my day!

Recently I noticed my mom wrote something on Facebook that was really sweet to an old friend of hers who had sent her a "you are never alone heart" icon:
"This makes me feel so special to receive this from Phyllis Kelley.
It's moments like these that make me pause and consider my digital output into the world. Do I write meaningful comments and emails? Do I rush responses in an attempt to get through as much digital communication as possible in one day?

With Facebook, LinkedIn, personal email, work email and blogs I go through a tremendous amount of content per day and regardless of it being work or personal, I'd really like to slow down a bit and participate in meaningful exchanges.


amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

It seems so hard to simply stop and take a moment sometimes. I love the internet and all it does to help me out, but equally, there are times I think it has taken away. You just showed how much we can use the internet to take a moment and use it for those simple acts of good. :)

amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

It's also one of the reasons I like to make sure I stop by and say hi at least once a week...hi!

R. Molder said...

Hi Amanda, I agree with you. I've sorta fallen into a trap of quick exchanges since it seems to be the going style of the times but I love how my parents generation is showing me to still make these exchanges more meaningful.

crazywildberry said...

As soon as I reread the "you and yours" wording, I knew who "J" was. He is so sweet! I have always liked "J"'s dad. :)

Since I live so far from friends and family, I live for my digital contact with them. However, sometimes snail-mail and phone calls are just better. I need to make more of an effort to make those, as I told you a few weeks ago, and still have as of yet to call you. :P So, you aren't alone.

Love your blog! It gives me a chance, no matter the day, no matter the time, to connect with you and read about your life. <3