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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pregnancy Update

The 3 hour test on Friday went better than expected. I didn't pass out from lack of food, water and 4 blood tests! In fact, my body went into auto pilot and I made the time go fast by commenting on every Facebook friends posting of that morning and started reading "I will carry you" by blogger Angie Smith which totally made me cry with every chapter. I had to set my phone timer so I'd know when the nurse was ready to pop out to take blood again - stop reading, blow nose, collect self, etc. It's a story about the loss of her daughter at birth and probably not something I should read while pregnant but I find her story to be so compelling and beautiful with the lessons she's learned about life and God.

Today I got the test results which are NEGATIVE! I don't have gestational diabetes!!! Just another negative in a long list of "worry" checks. A month ago there was a bright spot on his bladder that hasn't grown in size so they are no longer concerned, then two weeks ago there was extra fluid around his heart and a week later it was gone. On one hand I'm tired of all the speculation but also incredibly grateful and thankful that my little guy is doing okay. I know the doctor's are just being extra careful and checking every little thing. I've read enough blogs and heard friends stories to know of women going through "really serious" issues and to have each thing check out negative is an incredible relief and gift. I'm humbly thankful for my health and little guy's health.

Although, I will say that spending the entire weekend thinking I might have diabetes has encouraged me to drink more water and eat less sweets. Maybe it was that nasty 10oz glucose drink but I haven't been able to even look at dessert, must less eat it. I did however have some fantastic pancakes strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup on Saturday morning - I was worried it might be my last for awhile!

And finally, the nurse said it may have been the latte I was drinking pre-test that made me fail the first test so if you are 26 - 28 weeks pregnant don't stroll casually into the glucose appointment with latte in hand!

Disclosure - my doctor said I CAN have 4oz of coffee per day and I don't exceed this.

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crazywildberry said...

On a side note, I too have read gushy material while pregnant. I sometimes just need a good cry and reading Chicken Soup For The Mother's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul or any other of their books for that latter, will bring an expectant mother into bout of good crying within a matter of a story (or two if she had a hard time crying). :)

I am so glad to hear about the gestational diabetes test. I was hoping that it would come out ok. Glad to hear. The part about the latte in hand made me laugh. :D

Have a great day, Rachel!