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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Toddler Agenda

A toddler's agenda is formed around the parents choices and is purely reactionary to events they cannot control. Today Charlotte made the following decisions - following my lead.

post breakfast - bounce excitedly around mom dawdling on computer and poke her with stuff to encourage her to pack up and go somewhere.

in car, behave calmly while mom drives around looking for the latest People magazine with story of Sandra Bullock's new baby - was it really necessary to stop 4 places??? By 3rd stop had to throw a giant fit to show displeasure.

finally at beach - too tired to enjoy it much, don't want milk, don't want goldfish snacks, hot, humid, sticky, windy - time to pick on mom, leap on her back, tear magazine and scream to show extreme displeasure.

mom leaves early with another 40 minutes on the meter - oh wait check out these lovely stairs! Throw self out of mom's arms to climb up and down stairs.

mom sits down to watch - take opportunity to tackle another set of stairs, dash quickly around corner and into men's restroom.

mom comes screaming after daughter into restroom, fortunately no men in sight!!! That may have been too shocking for all adults.

mom careens daughter into outdoor shower section and waits for her to fill diaper. Quick diaper change then it's a sprint back to the men's restroom - captured just before entry.

take off to woman's restroom, hear mom grumble "that's ENOUGH"! Make a quick dash down boardwalk in a bid to return to ocean but mom swoops in from behind to carry screaming child back to car, mouth drawn in a grim line as child thrashes wildly.

five minutes into car, daughter falls asleep. Mom regains some semblance of serenity.


amanda said...

Oh I couldn't help but giggle about the search for Sandra Bullock! Either Costco didn't have the new one out or they sold out of them very quickly today. :( I'm going to try Walmart tomorrow, if for no other reason than to save a few cents and if all else fails, the corner store should have it.
How sad is that? :)

crazywildberry said...

The whole restroom scenario made me laugh! I can't imagine how embarrassing that would have been to have had to fetch a little girl out of a full men's bathroom. I have one fast little girl, but somehow I have been saved that horror. LOL! Although, I still am not out of the water yet...

I could have saved you the effort of finding Sandra Bullock's story. I was holding and reading it tonight at Wal-Mart. I however, did not purchase it. I was tempted, but am just too cheap.

R. Molder said...

Hi Amanda - the article is totally worth it, although it did break my heart to see how she spoke about the first 2 months of her son's life in terms of "we" meaning her and Jessie. I can't imagine raising a child as a single parent.

Hi CWB - giggle, you read entire stories while standing in Walmart too!!! I've been known to do that! I always buy it when it's an article on someone I really like.