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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Toddler on Airplane

I consider Charlotte a seasoned traveler with 6 flight round trips under her tiny belt before the age of 2 so anxiety for a 2.5 hour flight home to Maryland was at an all time low.

I worked a full day in the office, had husband pick me up on the way to airport, even had him take a security badge that let him walk us to the flight so I'd have less pregnant time of juggling daughter through security. Stopped for dinner, ate quickly before boarding, stopped at bathroom - I had met all of MY NEEDS! She was with her father. Grabbed daughter to board flight with carefully packed bag and the second I sat down ALL HELL broke loose!!!

It's like someone replaced my little seasoned traveler with "one of those" horrific toddlers who screams with unearthly murderous rage! I was in shock as we sat in the aisle seat next to two other travelers who looked on in fear. Everyone around us clamored for their headphones and told each other it was going to be a long flight. I broke out into a cold sweat as I battled to get her to just sit on my lap while I quickly prepared a bottle, got her into a horizontal position and actually drinking the bottle when guy next to me decides to find a new seat. I finally had her calm and DRINKING A BOTTLE!!! I was like seriously - you need to move NOW???  Fortunately his move gave Charlotte a free seat so thank you dude!

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