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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picky Eater

I've written about my picky baby eater before and many of you sent kind advice of which I've tried and sorry to say we have not gained momentum. In fact, at her 15 mo. check up she's now at the 0 weight percentile of her age group. I'm NOT one to panic and feel strategy and perseverance are all that's needed to put some weight on this skinny little nymph. The doctor's only advise was to increase her calorie intake any way possible. She suggested adding cream to her bottles, butter and cream to potatoes, canola oil to bottles (this sounds kinda gross) and anything we can think of to add calories. It's a magical time where we can feed her chocolate eclairs (totally my idea) and did you know Karo Syrup has 120 calories per ounce??? She will put on poundage - I've made a chart with calories per food serving, and a handy check off list for foods eaten that day.

Other then the food issue, she's grown to the correct length, correct head size and all other signs are on the mark. She runs around all day long chasing every animal that moves and crashes for 2 naps.

Any recommendations for high calorie foods would be greatly appreciated. Until then, expect lots of chocolate puddings, cream puff balls, ice cream sunday's and white bread galore - basically all the things I cut from my diet 3 years ago when turning 30 meant metabolism slowed to a crawl.

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crazywildberry said...

Tell you what, you bring me Charlotte and I will give her at least five pounds off my little one. She has a few pounds she could spare and still look plump and cuddly. All my babies were at least at the 90th percentile mark for weight. I have big babies, what can I say. :D