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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Charlotte Walking

In one week, just one week, Charlotte has switched to walking almost 90% of the time. It's like a switch went off in her head. Just a week ago I posted photos of her clumsy steps on the beach. This weekend she walked with me to the neighbors home.

I'm really not sure why the walking has me so amazed. I watch her toddle around the condo in total disbelief. I can recall people saying, ooooh wait till she takes her first steps, or you don't want her to be in day care when she takes her first steps. The first steps were cool but the entire walking thing is totally and consistently astounding!!!

You may notice the cute little sandals came off, she seems to walk better without shoes, which is fine but I don't want her to step in duck poop. The little pond in the background is home to Muscovy ducks and they make quite a mess. Now if I can only keep her from stopping to poke at the duck poop.

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