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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still trying to save money - Beauty Products

I wanted to do a full year of money saving tips but I've been so lax at this, apologies. So here's a few tips on beauty products:

1. I've switched from Cetaphil soap to bulk Kirkland soap, my Dermatologist suggested the Cetaphil but I figure it's washed off too fast to really do anything so I'm using the cheap soap now. Cost is like $3.00 per bar vs less then $1.00 for bulk.

2. I've switched from Aveeno shaving cream at $3.99 to Skintimate for $2.99. I really do prefer the Aveeno, it smells so good, but again it's off my skin so fast it really doesn't matter.

3. I've switched from John Freda shampoo and conditioner Tresemme bulk shampoo and conditioner. I haven't seen a bit of difference in my hair's obedience level. I have really curly hair and live in South Florida, high humidity, basically there is nothing in this world that can deliver on it's "promises" in this weather.

Small choices, but they are a reflection of the past year. I'm really trying to make every purchase a pro/con issue.

One beauty area I refuse to compromise on - make up. I buy Estee Lauder and it's very light and I only have to apply a small dot to each section. With an art school background minoring in make up, I consider myself a minor expert in this area and really insist on a good quality brand.


Jeannie said...

hey rachel,

i switched to Cetaphil years ago as my "cheap" replacement of some other pricey skin care line I was using at the time; who can remember? I adore Cetaphil. It takes off everything including mascara (except waterproof mascara which i no longer wear); kohl eye pencil, tons of eye makeup, full foundation...all of it! i have seen the 'store brand' of Cetaphil in many places: Walgreens, Target, etc. and have been so unable to let go of Cetaphil! So you do like Kirkland...hmmm.

I use Paula's Choice moisturizer and anti-oxidant along w/ the Cetaphil, and Retin A every other night and that's it. Without Botox (again...I'm saving $$$ !) or plastic surgery, those are my skin care tools. I buy Target brand everything else for the most past. I love the Target brand of Dove skin wash!

I think Wal-mart's toilet paper and paper towels, dishwashing detergent and line of plastic bag products are good value. I cannot give up my Tide, though!

Rachel M. said...

Oh to clarify, I still use Cetaphil lotion for my face and body - I really love it! I just stopped using the soap b/c it's on/off so fast!

I've been using Costco toilet tissue, paper towels, dish washer cleaner and liquid laundry detergent forever - refuse to use the dry laundry detergent.