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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Cookies

My last post about Christmas '08.

Have you ever noticed how it takes three times as long to get anything done with a baby around?

It has taken me three nights to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (one hour per night).

It has taken me three days to complete the Sugar Cut Out Cookies. Four days if you count Christmas Eve where husband went to 4 different stores to find cookie cutters and came home with a huge variety of shapes and sizes. I would have been happy with 3 or 4 shapes. We can now supply Christmas cookies for a small party or a large family.

Day 1 - Dec. 26th - I made assembled the ingredients in three bowls and gave husband instructions to mix. We then tossed the mix into the fridge to bake the following day.

Day 2 - Dec. 27th - I didn't have parchment paper so tried rolling the cookies onto wax paper. I managed to mangle a few cookies onto the pan and resolved to get parchment paper later that day. After getting the paper, I made one batch and rolled the 3 remaining sheets to be baked the next day.

Day 3 - Dec. 28th - I've finished baking 2 of the batches and decorations are compliments of husband while holding jabbering 6 month old.

Evil Gingerbread man with his 3 subordinates.

I'm doing the last batch by myself!


Greasycog said...

They have flaming red eyes of DOOM!!!

Beware their gaze!

Anonymous said...

Great thing about cookies - taste great (even if they are evil).

I think if you are attempting baking with a baby you are steps ahead of the rest of the game.

Christa said...

You have the ability to comment on blogs with the baby sleeping on your chest AND make evil looking cookies?

Will you adopt me? You are my dream Mom!

Christa at Giggle On

R. Molder said...

I don't understand it, baby is relaxed with me all weekend, taking cumulative 3-4 hour naps which allows me to get stuff done. With husband she is a demanding little tyrant and will not allow him to put her down.

Thanks for the compliments Crista and K!

screamish said...

yeah. it took me all afternoon to make lasagne yesterday (6 hours). I also burnt to carbon a pot on the stove this lunchtime by boiling lentils then forgetting and going to play with babies.